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Ophthalmology & Optometry // Essential Line from ZEISS - The complete portfolio for your basic diagnostics

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    Objective Refraction

    ZEISS offers a comprehensive range of refractive and screening devices for your pretest workflow. These include instruments for lens measurement, objective refraction, keratometry and corneal topography analysis. 
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    IOP Screening and Retina Imaging

    IOP screening and retina imaging solutions from ZEISS assist you in your decisions early in the process. The operation of these devices can also be delegated to medical staff, saving you valuable practice time. > more
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    Slit Lamp Examination

    Known for their quality and optical performance, slit lamps from ZEISS come in a range of models and accessory options for easy documentation and patient education.
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    Subjective Refraction

    Accurately determining visual acuity with the digital phoropter VISUPHOR 500 and the acuity chart systems VISUSCREEN 100 or 500 is very easy. You can choose between a red/green or a polarization separated system based on the renowned Polatest technology from ZEISS.
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Dentistry // Medical Loupes


About the ZEISS online shop for medical technology focused on eye care and dental care

Although ZEISS develops and offers solutions for many different medical fields you will mainly find a selection of products and solutions focused on eye and dental care in this online shop. In addition to ophthalmologic devices for the pre-diagnostics (lensometer, autorefractometer, non-contact tonometer, handheld fundus camera) and for refraction (phoropter, visual acuity charts), you can also buy ZEISS slit lamps in the online shop. You will also find accessories for slit lamps and instrument tables in the shop. Furthermore medical loupes are available for dental and surgical purposes. Our range of products includes ZEISS EyeMag Smart and ZEISS EyeMag Pro with several accommodations. In addition you can also buy EyeMag Light II, the loupe light which fits for all Zeiss EyeMag medical loupes. Find out more now about ophthalmological and visualization devices from ZEISS and order directly online!

Should you have questions about products that are not available in the online shop, or if you are looking for accessories or spare parts, we are more than happy to help. Our online shop team is available for you at +61 2 9020 1333. For online enquires you can also use our contact form.