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TWINVISC® is an ophthalmic viscosurgical device
that combines two viscoelastic solutions in a single
syringe, one dispersive and one cohesive, with
complementary and synergistic properties, separated
by an innovative Bypass stopper system.

> Easy injection of the dispersive and cohesive
viscoelastic solutions in sequence
> Creation and maintenance of volume in the anterior segment
during capsulorhexis and implantation
> Clear view at every stage
> Protection of the endothelium and other tissue during the various
maneuvers and use of ultrasound
> Quick and easy removal

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TWINVISC – unique combination of dispersive and cohesive OVDs in one single innovative syringe

The dispersive OVD of TWINVISC® 
is a 2.2 % solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation that has a low molecular weight and a low viscosity. These properties make it possible to inject the OVD via a fine 25-gauge cannula inserted easily into a small incision. The volume of dispersive OVD provided, 0.7 ml, is more than sufficient.

The cohesive OVD of TWINVISC 
consists of a 1.0 % solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation that has a high molecular weight and a high viscosity. The 0.7 ml volume of cohesive OVD provided is also very convenient.

Technical Data
  Premium ZEISS OVDs cohesivos y dispersivos
Comportamiento Dispersivo Cohesivo
Origen Fermentación bacteriana Fermentación bacteriana
Sustancia Hialuronato sódico (NaHA) Hialuronato sódico (NaHA)
Concentración 2.2% NaHA 1.0% NaHA
Volumen 0.7 ml 0.7 ml
pH 6.8 - 7.6 6.8 - 7.6
Osmolalidad 300 - 360 mOsmol/kg 300 - 350 mOsmol/kg
Peso molecular (Da)*
Índice de seudoplasticidad 13 17
Viscosidad de corte cero (mPa.s) Media 30,000 Media 14,000
CDI 25 71
Cánula 25 G 25 G
Almacenamiento 2 - 8 °C 2 - 8 °C
Standard delivery package
Embalaje Contenido de la caja: 1 × jeringa de dos cámaras, 1 × cánula de 25 G
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