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Z-HYALIN plus (Multipack) product photo

Z-HYALIN plus (Multipack)

Product ID: 000000-1861-154
This high-viscosity OVD is designed
to meet all expectations for every type
of cataract surgery.

> Ease of use in any case
> Flexibility of a high volume syringe (1.0 ml)
> Good endothelium protection
> Highly effective in space creation
> Optimal chamber retention
> Good capsular bag inflation
> Fast and easy removal
A$ 800.00  Excl. GST
Z-HYALIN plus cohesive OVD consists of a 1.5% solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation (nothing of animal origin) that has a high molecular weight and a high viscosity. The 1.0 ml volume of high viscosity cohesive OVD offers high flexibility of use.
Technical Data
  ZEISS standard cohesive OVD
Behavior Cohesive
Origin Bacterial Fermentation
Substance Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)
Concentration 1.5% NaHA
Volume 1.0 ml
pH 6.8 - 7.6
Osmolality 300 - 360 mOsmol/kg
Molecular weight* 2,900,000 Da
Pseudoplasticity index 91
Zero-shear viscosity Avg. 250,000 mPa.s
CDI 42
Cannula 27 G
Storage 2 - 8 °C
Standard delivery package
Single box 1 x syringe,
1 x 27G cannula
Multipack 10 x syringes,
10 x 27G cannulae
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