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SL 800 w/ AutoView & QuickStop (for unit with sliding table) product photo

SL 800 w/ AutoView & QuickStop (for unit with sliding table)

Product ID: 000000-2330-123
With perfectly balanced ZEISS optics, extensive illumination options and a user-friendly operator concept directly at your fingertips, the SL 800 from ZEISS reveals details for diagnosis and optimizes your workflow. Furthermore, the modularity and the wide range of optional components and accessories adapt to your individual needs whenever necessary

Highlights at a glance:

  • TrueView Optics: Apochromatic ZEISS lenses with anti-reflex coating for true-to-life color with high contrast.
  • AutoView: Convex and concave shaped buttons next to the joystick for easily changing magnification
VarioLight: The LED light source is accompanied by a halogen filter to provide the advantages of both VarioLight cold-white and VarioLight warm white illumination characteristics.
A$ 22,995.00  Excl. GST

Superior optics for high-definition image quality


Larger ZEISS lenses enable a better light-throughput. And in combination with the anti-reflex coating, they provide a high-definition image in true-to-life color with high contrast - even in 40x super magnification. Moreover, the apochromatic optimization greatly reduces chromatic and spherical aberrations in favor of visualizing structural details.


Innovative operator concept for an enhanced focus on your patients


With the new AutoView, you can easily change magnification with the motorized

two-button mechanism. The optional electronic QuickStop brake is also activated without the need to release the joystick. The intelligent stand-by EcoMode saves energy by shutting down automatically when not in use, while the slit lamp then turns on again by simply touching the joystick. In short the SL 800, the next generation of slit lamps from ZEISS, delivers proven performance in a modern design.


Extensive illumination and filter options 


With the VarioLight feature, you can now select your preferred

examination light – cold-white or warm-white. This allows

you to gain a sharper and clearer image, as well as a more

natural fundus impression. Together with the integrated and

optional filters and diffusor, you are equipped with an allaround setup for the observation of anterior and posterior


1 Requires optional equipment
Technical Data
ZEISS SL 800  
  Technical data
Magnification 5x, 8x, 12x, 20x, 32x with 10x eyepieces
6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x with 10x eyepieces,
compensation of ametropia ±8 dpt
Interpupillary distance Convergent tube 50-84mm;
Parallel tube 52-78mm
Light source LED
Slit illumination VarioLight cold-white,
VarioLight warm-white
Filters Red, blue, green (red-free), diffusor
Slit width Continuously 0-12 mm
Slit length Continuously 0-12 mm with scale index;
variable in steps 0.2/1/3/5/9/12 mm
Slit rotation Continuously 0° -- 180°;
click stop at 45°/90°/135°
Slit decentration
Available; fixable at 0°
Slit inclination
Swivel range
of slit projector
180° with scale; click stop at 0°/ ±45°/ ±60°
Operation Control panel with joystick, brightness
control; Controls for AutoView & QuickStop
Adjusting range 110mm (side), 30mm (height),
110mm (length)
Weight 12kg (incl. headrest)
(W x H x D)
315mm x 655mm ± 15mm x 395mm
Power supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Standard delivery package
The standard delivery package for the ZEISS SL 800 includes:
1 ZEISS SL 800
1 dust cover
1 power supply
1 power cord
1 cable extention set (3m) inl. deflectors
1 user manual
1 mounting tools
Further Information
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