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VISUSCOUT 100 from ZEISS – Handheld Fundus Camera

Product ID: 000000-2313-438
Reliably detecting and monitoring retinal disorders is key to ensuring high-quality care and to maintaining the vision of your patients. The VISUSCOUT® 100 from ZEISS lets you do precisely that. As a mobile fundus camera, it is the perfect imaging companion.

Key benefits:
  • > Wireless flexibility for fundus imaging wherever you need it
  • > Easy capture of images and videos
  • > Integrates with DICOM-based data management systems using supplied PC-Software
  • > Simple to operate, even for medical staff and assistants
A$ 9,995.00  Excl. GST
Image quality

Take colour and red-free images instantly with the 40° field of view. The device fulfills all relevant ISO 10940 fundus camera standard requirements.

Easy capture

With its on-screen targeting aid and integrated autofocus function, using the device is easy and convenient. Nine internal fixation LEDs help align the patient correctly and also facilitate the capture of peripheral images. Thanks to its battery-powered, lightweight design, system handling is not restricted by cables.

Built-in simplicity

Operating the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 is simple and straightforward following a brief training session. Examinations are quickly performed and reviewed without needing to move the patient. Even medical staff can operate the device, enabling cost-effective image capture prior to the examination.

Included PC-Software

The ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 uses standard file formats that allow you to view images and videos with widely available, off-the-shelf software solutions. When combined with the supplied PC-software, the device can be connected to a DICOM-based patient management system such as FORUM® from ZEISS. FORUM allows you to access patient work lists. It also enables you to transfer the data to a central archive.

Technical Data
  Technical data
Dimensions (W x D x H) 115 x 199 x 216 mm
Weight 800 g
Sensor resolution / type 5 MP / CMOS
Protection class 1
Charging station 100 - 240 V ~0.4 A 47 - 63 Hz
Output: 9 V, 1.1 A, 10 W
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion 3.6 V, 2.350 mAh
Field of view 40°
Capture mode Color, red-free, IR
Focus range - 20 D to + 20 D
Fixation 9x LED, internal
Minimum pupil size 3.5mm
Display 4’’, TFT-LCD, 800 x 480 px, 16.7 M colors, anti-glare coating
Data connectivity USB
WIFI (802.11 b/g/n)
on 2,4 GHz band
Data formats JPEG, MPEG4/1 (DICOM)
Memory WIFI SDHC card
Standard delivery package
The standard delivery package for the ZEISS VISUSCOUT 100 includes:
1 Charging station
2 Eye caps
1 Transportation suitcase
2 Battery packs
1 USB stick
1 USB cable
1 Charger cable
1 Cleaning cloth
Further Information

Learn more about the VISUSCOUT 100 from ZEISS:

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