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Zeiss Visthesia Three-Step-Guide

Step 1
Preoperatively in the non-sterile environment
Apply the content of one VISTHESIA Topical ampule to the surface of the eye prior to moving the patient into the OR for surgery. The effect of lidocaine is quick and will be enhanced through MAM-ID: M-344409VISTHESIA Intracameral later during the procedure. The patient should blink a few times to ensure the solution is spread over the cornea. Proceed with preparing the patient for surgery.

Step 2
Prior to commencing surgery in the sterile environment
When the patient has been prepared for surgery, apply a few more drops of VISTHESIA Topical shortly (30 – 60 seconds) before the first incision to support pain relief and to maintain corneal hydration.

Step 3

As you would routinely use your cohesive OVD, inject VISTHESIA Intracameral into the anterior chamber after creation of the main incisions, or as required throughout
the surgical procedure.